You as a doctor have a number a patients who wouldnt go to anyone else but you in times of health troubles. You have invested time and money to get to this point of having so many patients who have so much good to say about you. But why restrict yourself to only those number of people. Why not, consider writing valuable content as a medium to reach and grow your community and thus bring some more patients to your desk.

Communication is wealth. Build and grow your community.

You have wealth of information that you can share with your followers as a doctor. The information that common man doesn’t have access to and would love to hear. The more value you add to a person’s life, the more valuable you become. Your specialised research in your area of expertise allows you to write as much content as there are drops in the ocean. Once you have got people hooked to your content, not only will they convert as patients for you but will also pull their own community to you. They will become your brand ambassadors and that too for free.

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