Suppose I have a product called “white Handkerchief” and a user searches for the term “buy white Handkerchief” on the internet. Your website’s SEO is the way to tell google that your website contains a product called “white Handkerchief” and it needs to be displayed to the user.

In simple terms, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is nothing but a logic for helping google detect a website.

Now the more times, you have used the word “white Handkerchief” in your content on your website, LOGICALLY, the higher your website’s chances of coming in the top google search results and thus leading users to your website. It is as simple as that. Google is very smart to know if you have authentically used the word “white Handkerchief” in your content or have tried to cheat google by just copying and pasting “white Handkerchief” word multiple times. Google can also blacklist your website in that case. Best idea is to be authentic about your content and post genuine content regularly on your website even if it is an ecommerce website.

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