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Brand Strategy For Start-Ups

Important of Brand Strategy

Small businesses usually ignore the importance of a brand strategy. They start-up haphazardly and in an unorganized fashion. This leads to lower brand retention value of their business. Whatever marketing activities they engage in, are retained in their customer’s mind only for a short amount of time.

Instead what most start-up entrepreneurs should think about is, what is their goal, that they want to achieve via branding. The answer would be to establish themselves as serious businesses in the eyes of their future clients. Make the decision of their prospects easier to want to work with them.

Therefore a brand strategy becomes of utmost importance for any new business because new clients are what they want on first priority.

Myths About Branding

  1. Branding is a very expensive activity, we don’t have the budget for that: Gone are the times when businesses used to spend lakhs of rupees for just getting the brand palette designed. Now the tables have turned and those designers who still expect lakhs are living in a delusional world. Branding is an activity that helps gain visibility for your business in the eyes of future clients. All you need for that is a clean, attractive design, a color palette. It costs pennies to make such material in today’s time.
  2. Branding is a very tedious and time-consuming activity, for which we don’t have time and resources: Again, branding is just an exercise which helps improve your retention value in the eyes of your future clients. All you need for that is a brand color palette and an elegant, attractive, and impressive logo. It does not take more than 24 hours for us to churn out the best designs for you.
  3. Branding is only needed for big businesses, not for start-ups: Branding is a must for marketing a business. Do you think your start-up does not need marketing, does not need new clients, does not need new revenue, does not need growth? If the answer is No, then you need branding as much as any other business.

Brand Strategy And Business Growth

Imagine you going to a networking event where, there will be more than 1000 guests. How would you dress up? You would think about all the people who are going to be there and you will think about how they should think about you.

You would pick your best suite, you will pick your best tie, you will get all suit dry cleaned and pressed. You would wear the best perfume. You would wear polished shoes. You would ensure that you have your business cards ready, to give out to people over there. You would expect to meet some of your future clients over there and hence you will put your best foot forward in every department.

It would not matter to you that you run your start-up from a small garage and your partners are your buddies from school, college or past work place. You would still dress to impress in he event.

Just like that, in today’s time, the whole world is a networking event, the whole internet almost comprises of the whole world or it soon will. Then how would you want to present yourself and your company?

Wouldn’t you want a logo that matches your and your company’s personality and vision and that also makes someone stop and read more?

How are your brand colors going to look like or how do you want them to look like? Would n’t they be an extension of your personality, since you are the one who is starting up and has decided to serve your expertise to the world and you would be the one living with them for a long long time to come?

The more your personality shines through the brand material, the more people will get smitten by it, attracted by it and the more they will notice you when you pop up on social media.

The more awareness you generate about your business through your content, which is sealed by your brand material, the more sales conversions will happen, directly and automatically.

So make sure you dress to impress in the world market.

Brand Material For Start-Ups

All you need to start with is a brand logo, color palette, social media covers, stationery designs.

Let Us Help You Design A Custom Online Business Strategy For Your Business. Click On The link Below To Schedule A Time

Let Us Help You Design A Custom Online Business Strategy For Your Business. Click On The link Below To Schedule A Time