• Is Your Company Bleeding Because The Projects Are Not Getting Completed in Time or in Budget?
  • Is Your Team Not Operating At Full Throttle Mode, Resulting In Need For Additional¬† Recruitment?
  • Is Your Business Online? If Yes, Is It Making You Money While You Sleep?
Many Entrepreneur's Work Very Hard But In the Wrong Direction.

Are You One Of Them?

  • Work Smart, Not Hard!
    Work Smart, Not Hard!
    Many Entrepreneurs are running and sweating but in a completely wrong direction. No wonder they are not getting results. Just like one has to learn how to drive a car, one also has to learn how to automate their business, so they can get a restful sleep at night and still make profits.
  • Money Mindfulness
    Money Mindfulness
    Just because you have good revenues coming in does not necessarily mean, you business is doing good. How PROFITABLE is your business is what actually matters. Knowledge about where you are bleeding the money, can help you fill the loopholes. Automated graphical reports can help you look at your expenses in realtime to do that.
Understanding The Key Components of Project Management Can Easily Double Your Profits

Are You Running a Business With No Knowledge Of Project Management?

  • Is Your Website Making You Money?
    Is Your Website Making You Money?
    Websites should be developed with a goal in mind. Some goals from website could be lead generation, process automation and revenue generation. Websites, like homes, cannot be developed and then abandoned. We did n't spent money on it to forget about it, did we?
  • Put Your Website To Best Use.
    Put Your Website To Best Use.
    Did you know that your website can be used for process automation. One of my client's is using their website to automate the patient registration process at their 100 bedded hospital. The job that required two people has now been completely automated.
How I Can Help Transform Your Business So You Sleep Well At Night And Still Make Profits.



  • Business Consulting
    Business Consulting
    Are you struggling in your business because you have no pipeline of new prospects? Are you struggling to close deals right at the end of the sales cycle, specially when you thought, you had it? Does your project execution cycle always take longer than expected and eat up your profits? Is team's non productivity affecting the morale of the company?
  • Project Management Consulting
    Project Management Consulting
    Do you have a project management team? Is your project management team struggling to complete projects to client satisfaction, on time and in budget? Is your lack of efficient project management hampering the business performance. Is the delay in delivering projects on time, building up a backlog of unfinished projects?
  • Business Automation
    Business Automation
    Are there some parts of your business that can be automated, so you can sleep peacefully at night? Are you efficiently measuring team productivity to calculate team performance? Are there some processes that can be automated to utilise resources in other departments that need help? Are you generating revenue online? Are you marketing and selling online? Have you deployed social media to automate branding and positioning?

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