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Spreading the word about your business online and helping you generate new revenue.

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Do You Want To Become A Digital Diva Who Earns 7 Figure Income From the Comfort Of Her Home?
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Become Successful

If you have every exterior skill to succeed but are still not successful, there could be a block inside. It could be time to dig deeper.

Why Your Business Growth Is My Concern!

My Story, My Why !

Our Best Work


A well know surgeon and CMD of United CIIGMA Hospital, Aurangabad.

The One Crore Man who helps people build a business around their passion.

India’s First Employability Mentor, helping aspirants get THAT Dream job.

On A Mission To Impact 2.5 Million Businesses.

I can spends nights after nights working to see businesses grow (especially small businesses). After my first business failed, I decided to take complete responsibility of that failure and ensure that I did not repeat any of the mistakes again and not make any new major mistakes.

This commitment led me to a mission to not only become a successful entrepreneur but help every other business owners who needs help in achieving success.

I spent lakhs of rupees in self development because I knew that a problem cannot be solved in the consciousness that it was created in. Now I am committed to your success and your happiness and your fulfilment.

If you think I am the one, Connect with me!

Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

Lack of Clarity

No clarity on what they are selling (product), no clarity on who they are selling to (target client), No clarity on why they are selling what they are selling (purpose).

Lack of Self Knowledge

They don’t know themselves, their core assets, their weaknesses, limiting mindsets, limiting beliefs about self, “I am not good enough” mentality.


Businesses to Transform

to help each of them make 1 million dollars in revenue.
For the first time in the last 2 months, I have experienced something very different working with Chetna. As an entrepreneur, what I have believed is that people (specially vendors) should see the vision that we carry and it should be visible in the work they do.
If you now go to my website, you will be amazed to see what work she has done. She has owned the vision that we have at JJ School of employability. I have not given her a lot of inputs, which were there but was not actively given.

She interviewed me and tried to understand the story behind what I am doing and why I am doing. Now, how many entrepreneurs will interview you and go to that extent of understanding and try to see the way you see. I was amazed to look at the final outcome. She has given life to my business on the web.

More than time it has taken a lot of energy and enthusiasm to launch this website. We are glad to have you as our technology partner.

Jogesh Jain

Founder of JJ School of Employability.

I Choose My Clients

Lets be honest. To transform 2.5 million businesses, I have quite a task at hand. My client’s success is critical for me to be successful in this mission. And that’s the reason, I cannot work with anybody and everybody, right?

I am a tough woman, who is committed to the success of her clients, and therefore work only with extremely dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs who are not only ‘interested’ in their success but are committed to succeed and become millionaires.

What you can’t measure, you cannot improve. My client’s results speak volume of my work and my success. If you are an entrepreneur, committed to your own success and the success of your business, and are ready to surrender your ego for the greater good of your business, click on the button below, to fill up a form, so that I know, why I should work with you, to change the results that you are getting.

Either ways, I love you.

Chetna Ingle


You Won't Qualify

if you are ….
Your results would be my responsibility and to get those results, I will need to be to the point and straight with you. It might not work well for the snowflakes who are easily hurt.
Many entrepreneurs are plagued by the Shiny Object Syndrome. Instead of putting the same work again and again, they try to find the next shiny thing to explore. To make millions, one is required to do things they don’t enjoy doing but still continue doing it.
One can either have excuses or they can have results. But not both. I work with people who could actually die fighting than try surviving. Extreme success requires extreme ability to put in the work.

About Her

Chetna Ingle did her Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cleveland State University. She worked in the USA for 8 years before returning to India and starting up her own business.
She got a wake up call when her first business tanked and she lost lakhs of savings. When she started her second business, she wanted to be absolutely sure that she did not fail this time. She also realised that to win the big battles in life, one must have a Guru, who has been there and done that.

She got trained from Dan Lok (Millionaire in Canada)  in High Ticket Closing, from Dev Gadhvi (Crorepati in India) in identifying passion and purpose and living a life of mission, And from Ron Malhotra (Millionaire in Australia), she learnt how to succeed and scale up in business.


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